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RESNET ​Certified Energy Raters


  • We are RESNET Certified Energy Raters who provide Blower Door Tests, Duct leakage Tests and HERS Index Scores to Residential Home Builders in North East Florida & South East Georgia

  • We have been in business since 2012, and we have executed 1000's of Blower Door Tests.  In 2016 we changed the name from Pro Home Energy Raters to FLORIDA BLOWER DOOR.

  • We have collaborated and worked with leading building science companies, home builders, HVAC specialists, and fellow energy raters.

  • We have participated in local and state rebate programs with companies such as JEA and the St. Johns Housing Partnership.

  • At Florida Blower Door, our aim is to give you a timely response from a friendly representative, a flexibility to work with your schedule, and an accurate inspection. We want to make you happy with your decision that your chose FLORIDA BLOWER DOOR to do all of your testing.


  •                               A BLOWER DOOR is a machine that is used to measure the airtightness of buildings.  It can also be used to                                    measure airflow between building zones and to help physically locate the air leakage sites in the building                                    envelope.

  •                               There are three (3) primary components to a BLOWER DOOR:  (1) a calibrated variable-speed fan, (2) a                                            manometer that measures pressure and (3) the big red DOOR that consists of a frame with a flexible panel                                    that fits into an exterior doorway of the home.

  •                              By measuring the pressure and airflow inside and outside of the home in relation to each other, the air                                         tightness of the building envelope can be quantified.

Florida Blower Door Test Envelope Leakage Test